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Andrew G Marshall is a marital therapist with twenty-five years' experience.

His self-help books include the international best-seller 'I love you but I'm not in love with you' which has been translated into over fifteen different languages.

He also offers private counselling and workshops in London and writes for the Mail on Sunday, Times, Guardian and Psychologies.

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November 13th, 2014


Andrew doesn’t have any appointments available at the moment.  However, he has a team of therapists that he recommends.  Andrew’s team also offer skype counselling.   Debby Edwards has availability on Monday 24th November at 6pm, 7.15pm and 8.15pm and on Tuesday 25th November at 7.15pm and … Continue reading

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Love is staring long enough into the darkness to discover some chinks of light #whatislove

About 2 days ago from Andrew G. Marshall's Twitter via Hootsuite

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