Andrew G Marshall

Author & Marital Therapist

Help Your Partner say ‘Yes’

Bloomsbury Publishing, February 2011 Buy

Help Your Partner say YesHave you tried asking nicely but nothing has changed? Have you resorted to nagging, sulking or losing your temper but it has just made things worse? Has your partner agreed to do something but never quite got round to it?

Maybe things have reached crisis point and you’re trying to convince your partner to give your relationship another chance but nothing you say or do seems to get through. If all this sounds familiar, you are ready for an entirely new approach.

In this eye-opening book, marital therapist Andrew G Marshall draws on twenty-five years of counselling couples and the latest research to explain how to be more persuasive.

– Learn why people find it so hard to change and the levers to get out of a rut.
– Discover how to make co-operating the norm rather than a special favour.
– Stop demanding and start nudging your partner to change.
– Start asking in a clear and effective way.
– Discover the rewards that work.


Who will find this book useful?

Whether you’ve been together six months or sixty years, this book will help you communicate better and find positive ways to co-operate. I think it is particularly useful if you are trying to save your relationship and explain the difference between helpful strategies (that could bring you closer) and unhelpful ones (which could push you further apart).

Full disclosure

None of this material has appeared anywhere in book form before, although I have used some of the ideas in magazine articles.

“How you explain the options has a big
effect on your partner’s behaviour.” Andrew G Marshall